What wedding theme would suit you best?

Having a wedding theme is crucial as it sets the tone for your big day. However, choosing the right one can be overwhelming as there are a thousand ideas and colour palettes out there and needing to commit to just one! It might be best to discuss with your partner first about what are both of your ideas to find a common ground to start on.

Here are 5 popular wedding themes that might inspire you for your big day!

1) Timeless

The 'Timeless' wedding theme is perfect for couples that want to look back on their wedding day in 10 years and not regret their colour or decoration choices. Referring to the word, 'Timeless', it is ultimately something that works no matter the decade. Following this style, couples would not have to worry about keeping up with trends that pop up online which could possibly become outdated in a few months. A 'Timeless' theme will likely never go out of style. The colour palette that best resonates with this theme are neutral tones, such as black, white, gold, ivory, and green; colours that are not too harsh on the eyes and would seamlessly tie in together for that elegant and luxurious look. Candles are commonly used to bring out that opulent vibe that many look for in this style.

In summary,

Colours: Black, White, Gold, Ivory, Green

Mood: Elegant, clean, Luxurious, Neutral

2) Romantic

A 'Romantic' wedding theme is for the so-called "hopeless romantics" that love to binge watch romance comedies and have a specific vision about their dream wedding. Such a theme is perfect for those who prefer a sweet and delicate vibe to your wedding that your guests will definitely envy! This style is perfect for couples looking to add pops of feminine colours to your decorations, with pink, mauve, and lilac tones matched with ivory, beige, and white. The vibe is definitely ideal for those that want their big day to be filled with gentleness and romance. As many know, the most popular flowers used during romantic occasions are "Roses", which is also commonly used in 'Romantic' wedding styles.

In summary,

Colours: Pink, Ivory, Beige, White, Mauve, Lilac

Mood: Soft, Clean, Sweet, Delicate 

3) Whimsical

The perfect "Happily Ever After" theme, a 'Whimsical' wedding theme brings your fairytale storybook imagination to life. This style plays into a garden-like and light-hearted vibe that perhaps some brides have dreamed about when meeting their Prince Charming during their childhood days. This wedding theme showcases more pastel colors like pink, blue, and lilac that's an ideal fit for a magical and dreamy wedding. 'Wisteras' and 'Hydrangeas' are favoured flowers to use in a style like this!

In summary,

Colour: Pink, White, Lilac, Blue, Green, Ivory

Mood: Light-hearted, Fairytale, Gentle, Pastel

4) Rustic

The 'Rustic' wedding theme is perfect for couples that love the outdoors and nature, it will be like having a part of their personalities and interests inserted into their big day. Unlike other themes, the 'Rustic' theme uses more earthy and muted tones to represent the woods and nature vibes. Couples can even consider playing into the 'Bohemian-Chic' (or otherwise known as 'Boho-Chic') side of a 'Rustic' theme with the use of flowing fabrics, pampas feathers, wooden props, mason jars, allowing coupled to fully embrace their free-spirited and artistic nature. Couples who choose this style tends to favour warm and cozy ambient lighting from candles and lanterns to create an intimate atmosphere.

In summary,

Colour: Brown, Beige, Ivory, Auburn, Mahogany, Green

Mood: Muted, Boho-Chic, Earthy, Free-Spirited

5) Oriental

An 'Oriental' wedding theme is often times for couples that wish to embrace and respect their roots, culture and heritage, showcasing a more traditional vibe. For instance, 'Chinese Oriental' decorations tend to have an "olden-day" feel to them, where there is usually a heavy emphasis on the use of porcelain and lanterns. The colour scheme also plays a big part in such a theme. For the Chinese culture, red is commonly used to symbolise joy and luck, and gold represents wealth and fortune. Some couples even further arrange a traditional pre-wedding shoot where they wear their traditional ethnic costumes to match their 'Oriental' themed wedding.

In summary,

Colour: Red, Blue, Gold, White, Ivory, Green

Mood: Traditional, Vintage, Heritage, Customary

In short, the theme you ultimately choose for your big day should be special to you, which best represents both of your personalities and interests.

Your wedding theme can sometimes be as simple as just your favourite colours, movies, or an inspiration you drew from looking at others' weddings on social media.

Here at Luna Bianca, we are committed to ensuring an enjoyable planning journey for our couples and dedicated to turning your visions into timeless celebrations!

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