Ask These 12 Questions Before You Rent Or Buy A Bridal Gown In Singapore

Before we jump into the questions - You need to first know the FOUR main categories of brides:

(1) “Pragmatic” Bride – Brides under this category would prefer to wear something that fit their figure.  Something safe and comfortable, but still looks good. 

(2) “Designer” Bride – A bride who has spent time doing a lot of research and is able to go into detail on the technical terms like types of silhouettes, the different lengths and necklines, material, etc.

(3) “Adventurous” Bride – A bride who is willing to express themselves and explore different bridal gowns, even the unorthodoxed ones, and base her ideal piece solely on personal preference and personality.

(4) “Uncertain” Bride – These brides are excited, but at the same time, unsure of what they want or like. Usually, they need more advice, opinions, and time to come to a decision.

For the “Pragmatic” Bride and “Designer” Bride, there will be a separate article each, addressing their needs.  This article hopes to assist the “Uncertain” Bride to have a better understanding of what to look out for when finding your ideal gown, especially if you are heavily depending on bridal boutiques to help out.

In no particular chronological order, these are some of the common questions to ask, addressing these questions would formulate some key points to trigger specific ideas for the wedding gown from the right boutique.

1. How soon should I start looking for gowns?

The process of choosing a wedding gown should be enjoyable, this includes picking a bridal boutique that you feel comfortable with and find their advice helpful for you. But how early should you start scouting for such a boutique?

We recommend to start looking around at least 9 months prior to your wedding date. Spending a weekend to visit some boutiques and going for consultations, without rushing, would easily take up to 4 to 5 weeks.

If you aim to go for designer gowns, it might take another 3 to 4 months. That adds up to around half a year. The remaining months should give enough time for delivery, alterations, and final fittings.

Not forgetting as you reach closer to the actual day there are many other preparations that can be overwhelming. The last thing you want is to rush through and compromise your ideal gown.

Savouring and enjoying the whole process to prepare your ideal wedding gown makes the actual wedding day even more meaningful when you finally put it on.

2. If I want to depend on a professional & knowledgeable bridal boutique, what should I look out for?

We know the saying that quality things don’t come cheap, but sometimes a high price tag does not necessarily mean better too. The best option we recommend is to find a place that is “value for your money”.

Before you start booking appointments, it is recommended to read up a little about the boutiques that you're interested in. You can start by their websites and social media, then move on to reviews and forums.

Do however, keep in mind that every one looks out for different things. Some might prioritise price, while some might look for good service. It is important to know what you prioritise first before allowing reviews to sway your decisions.

Pro-tip: A boutique with the right service attitude will go a long way in providing a good experience. 

Another crucial criterion is to find out how many years the boutique has been in business; speaking with experienced consultants can go a long way too. 

Based on our industry experience, a good bridal shop will not only advise you on gowns that'll enhance your figure & highlight your strong points, but also gowns that are complementary to your venue. A good consultant should comfortably share ideas with you on the fabric, design concept, silhouettes, neckline, etc.  Eventually, through discussion, you can then develop your vision of your ideal gown.   

If you are looking for an all-in-one boutique, that they should also carry a other services such as evening wear, mens suits, traditional dresses for tea ceremony (for Asia culture), perhaps even bridesmaid dresses, veils, headpieces, accessories, undergarments, and shoes.

3. Can I bring my partner / friends / family during the bridal gown selection?

Although rare, some bridal shops might not allow you to bring too many people if there is space and/or time constraints.

In the event that you can, we highly recommend for you to bring whoever that knows you well and can provide good advice & opinions! However, do keep in mind to not let too many varying opinions sway your own decision and gut feeling too much.

Again, a good and trustable boutique would be able to advise you accordingly too!

4. What is the price range for your gown collections?

If budget and price is one of your top priorities, then it might be helpful for you to check the average price points of your shortlisted boutiques first. Often, brides that are on a budget tend to discuss the prices before actually looking at the gowns. However, do keep in mind to not compromise low prices for a bad quality gown. 

Have a quick run-through of the collection, and give your consultant an exact price range so that the bridal gown that you are potentially eyeing fits within your allocated sum to spend.

To give a fair judgment, complications of the design, fabric, and lace used should be part of determining the right price.

It is essential that your price for the gown should take into consideration of good skill capability for your bridal gown alteration.  Only the best-fitting gown would complete an ideal bridal gown.

5. In general, what should I look out for in gowns?

It can be tricky when browsing through the shelves, especially when there are so many options.

However, we always tell our brides that the most important thing is to be as open-minded as possible.

If a gown does not look good on the shelves, that does not necessarily mean that it won't look good on you.

If something catches your eye, there is no harm in just trying it on! Be OPEN to every possibility and trust your own gut. As mentioned before, an experienced consultant will be able to advise you best on which gowns will flatter you and your figure.

6. Which white will work best for my skin tone?

There are over 20 shades of white out there, such as true white, ivory, cream, off-white etc.

Here is a pro-tip if you are unsure what type of white suits your skin tone best; True white tends to suit cooler undertones better, while warm undertones might look better in ivory or off-white.

The best way to determine what undertone you are is to look at the colour of your veins. Individuals with cool undertones usually have more blue-purple veins, while warm undertones' have greener veins.

However, these methods are not a 100% foolproof. We will still recommend for you to personally try on gowns of these various shades to best understand which one looks good on you.

Of course, you do not necessarily have to follow these guidelines. Most importantly, you should pick and choose a gown that makes you feel good!

7. Which fabric type is the right choice?

If you do not intend to “design” your own gown or do not wish to spend heavily, do not let the choice of fabrics be your concern. We definitely recommend for you to do some research, but your best bet is to personally get a feel of various gowns with different fabric.

Although each type of fabric have individual characteristics to match each design, but most importantly is your level of comfort when the gown rest on your skin.

8. What is your customization & alteration process?

Most boutiques will have an in-house experienced seamstress to do customizations and alterations of your selected gown. However, some boutiques might not be able to do major changes, so do not hesitate to point out any and all specific changes you want for your dress to check if it's plausible first. After that is determined, do ensure to ask how long the whole process will take to ensure that your gown can be ready in time for your big day!

9. Can you ensure that my gown is within my budget yet looks good on me?

When you walk down the aisle, everyone will be focusing on your overall presentation and how lovely you look in your gown, so the single most important factor when it comes to a “perfect” wedding gown, is the way it fits.

If a bridal gown is perfectly tailored to your body, it will look like it was made for you no matter what. No doubt, there will definitely be gowns that are within your budget, but it is as crucial to ensure that they can be tailored to flatter you. Which brings us back to the previous point; Seeking the services of an expert seamstress from the right boutique is essential.

10. Do you also carry "unique" and “different” gowns?

Colored bridal gowns are popular options amongst celebrities these days for a more unique look on their wedding day. Another trend that we've been noticing is the use of a two-piece top & skirt/pants combination or even a jumpsuit! If that is something you might be interested in or if you know someone who might potentially be looking for that option, it doesn't hurt to just ask your boutique if they have such alternatives in store.

Luna Bianca Bridal does in fact, carry a few "unconventional" pieces in our collection! Feel free to enquire with us if you are interested!

11. How many fittings will I need? 

Bridal Shops with a professional alteration service will typically suggest two fittings. One for the first fitting, to pick up all the small detail so that the bridal gown is perfectly sculpted to your body. The second one will probably be a few days prior to your big day for the final fitting.

However, depending on the amount of alterations required and unforeseen circumstances (if any), it might not be limited to only two. Hence, it will be best to check with your bridal boutique first, especially if your predict a very packed schedule leading up to your wedding day.

12. After the initial gown selection, when will my dress be ready for the first fitting?

If you have a relatively busy schedule and/or require to make time in your schedule in advance for wedding preparations, do ask your bridal boutique when will you be required to come in again for the next fitting.

Regardless if you are renting or purchasing, there are usually three possibilities for gown selection,

1. Off-the-rack

2. Made-to-measure

3. Designer Imported

Depending on how packed the boutique is, from the initial selection to first fitting, would usually be about two weeks to a month. For made-to-measure pieces, it is about 3 to 5 months while it may be longer for designer imported gowns.

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