Finding your perfect dress can be a difficult endeavour. However, with careful thought and planning, it might not be as tough as you think. Here are 1o tips to help you find your ideal wedding gown!

1. Go shopping as early as possible

Don't put off looking for your outfit until the last minute. Give yourself plenty of time to try on several styles and pick the perfect one. The ideal timeline for you to start looking for wedding gowns is about 8 months before your wedding date. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a hurry.

However, do bear in mind if there will be any particular instances that your clothing size or body shape might change from the time you confirm your gown till the actual day!

2. Set a budget

Establish a dress budget before you start shopping. If you are unsure on the amount to set aside, do your research first on the average market rate for the style you have in mind! You can reduce your alternatives and prevent expenditures by doing this. Even if you have a big pocket for your wedding, you should still set a range for your bridal gowns. There will be plenty of places to choose from but make sure you are at a "No Hidden Cost Place" for your wedding needs.

3. Bear your venue in mind

Your choice of attire might be significantly influenced by the type of venue you select.

A beach wedding for instance, would call for a more laidback & flowy dress, whereas a traditional ballroom wedding might demand for a more formal & elegant outfit.

Your gown choice should also make you feel good and gorgeous, yet compliment your surroundings!

4. Bear in mind your body type

Not every gown will suit every body shape. Choose a gown that best accentuates your figure while still taking into account your body type! Do some research about which body type you are and silhouettes fits best, prior to trying any dresses.

Luna Bianca carries a wide selection of European gowns in all styles & sizes. Furthermore, offering free consultations which not only allows you to try-on our dresses but is also a safe session to speak with our experienced team of wedding consultants!

5. Try-on several styles

Something that we realised is a common mistake amongst brides-to-be, is not trying on styles that may be out of your comfort zone. We understand that many would already have a rough idea in mind on her ideal dress and style. However, there has also been many instances where a certain style suited our brides-to-be better even though they did not think it would!

So, we always encourage our couples to try on numerous styles, even if they were not the ones you had in mind. You might be shocked by how a particular look suits you better!

6. Bring the same inner wears

Bring the same inner wears and/or undergarments you intend to wear on your actual wedding day when you go for gown shopping / fittings. This allows you to have a better idea of how the dress will look on your big day!

7. Bring a dependable friend / relative along

Getting a second opinion is usually beneficial while selecting your gown(s). Bring a trusted and objective advisor who is familiar with your sense of style and preferences. We typically do not recommend having your partner be your look at your chosen gown in the event that you guys might go ahead with a "First Look" on your actual day! Plus oftentimes, men might not necessarily understand the wide array of current day styles and trends!

8. Be open to customization

In the event that you try-on a gown that you really like but does not fit quite right, simply ask about the modification possibilities and process. Most bridal boutique do provide the option of altering a garment to your desire, but it doesn't hurt to just ask! In the event that modifications are required, do also check how long the whole process will take, including when the final fitting will be.

In cases like Luna Bianca, where we all of our alterations in-house, we can easily let you know the process immediately after discussion. However, in certain instances, some boutiques might send their gowns to external alteration places or even overseas which may then take longer to reach you.

9. Feel at ease

On top of altering the sizing and fit, but the comfort as well! When trying on the gowns, be sure to check if the material is to your liking and how comfortable it is - keeping in mind that you will have to move around in this for majority of the day! If this is something that is of priority to you, it might be better to consider a quality dress than the cheap options. After all, your wedding day will probably one of the most significant days of your life!

10. Have faith in your gut

The fact that you adore your bridal gown is ultimately what matters most.  Trust your gut and pick the outfit that makes you feel like the most charming and stunning bride in the world!

Sometimes, hearing too much feedback from others may sway you, making it hard for you to choose your favourite piece. Always listen to your instincts even if others tell you otherwise. Remember, it is your wedding!

In conclusion, picking your ideal gown can be difficult, but we hope that these pointers helped you make the process and decision a little easier!

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