Which venue should you choose for your wedding?

Choosing a wedding venue can be an overwhelming process if you think about the logistics, liaising, details, and aesthetics.

The first step? Deciding which aspect of a venue is a priority to you and partner! For instance, do you want a grand venue that can fit a big dance floor or somewhere that outdoors surrounded by nature?

Here are 5 popular options for you to consider when choosing wedding venues!

1) Hotel

Hotels are probably the most popular wedding venue choice due to their all-inclusive packages. This means that food, drinks, logistics, and most details, are all covered. It is also a convenient choice as there are many locations within hotels to consider if you do not wish to use their ballrooms, such as solemnisation areas, function rooms, and foyers. Couples who choose a hotel for their wedding also would not have to worry about the weather ruining their big day due to the indoor nature of the venue.

Choosing a hotel would be the most suitable for couples who do not wish to spend so much time researching, planning, and coordinating the venue.

A bonus for choosing hotels, are that flower petals and confetti can be thrown as most hotels are not as restrictive when it comes to such celebratory gestures. However, it is important to note that if you wish to utilise sparklers, most hotels would disallow those as it is a fire hazard. Some hotels would also require you to fill up clearance forms if you are bringing in external large structures for your decor, or if you require to use their loading / unloading bay and lifts.

2) Venue Space

Another popular choice amongst many couples is using venue spaces for their wedding. Such an alternative might sometimes be cheaper than other options and also have lesser restrictions. Venue spaces are a great choice for couples who want to mix and match to create a wedding of their dreams from scratch as these venues do not usually come with an all-inclusive package; however, that means that a lot more planning and coordination would be required from the couple themselves.

Couples should also keep in mind that even though venue spaces are typically more affordable, there would be other costs such as catering, drinks, emcee, dj, decorations that could add up to be similar to all-inclusive wedding packages from other types of venues. Another tip is to also check for the nearest carpark or parking location, as some venue spaces do not have a carpark in the same building like hotels.

We definitely would recommend venue spaces for couples who prefer an unorthodox approach for their wedding!

3) Outdoor / Garden

Outdoor/Garden weddings can look really magical, especially for nature-loving couples that prefer an open air venue and not confined to four walls.

However, couples should take note that such locations might require permits, which sometimes can take months for the final approval. Couples should also be aware that the ground may be uneven at an outdoor/garden wedding restricting mobility for elderly and those with mobility issues. For the ladies, if the wedding is directly on the grass, they should be wary of their heels getting stuck in the grass or dresses getting dirty if they are too long.

The weather also plays a big factor outdoor locations, especially in Singapore, where the weather can be unpredictable sometimes. Be sure to check with the venue if they provide a wet weather plan for when it rains or portable air conditioners for when the weather is too hot. Do also check if there are any restrictions when holding an outdoor/garden wedding; some outdoor venues do not allow for flower petals or confetti to be thrown. However, sparklers may be allowed unlike hotels.

4) Restaurant

Restaurant weddings are becoming more popular as foodie couples book it with the food in mind instead of focusing on wedding packages.

Couples should keep in mind that even though they will have lesser worries about the food and drinks, there will be other aspects that require more planning and coordination such as the aesthetics, logistics, and guest list size. Some restaurants may not be able to accomodate to a large guest list, whereas some might not have the best AV equipment.

Another factor to consider is the book out cost, some restaurants may require a book out fee as they would need to close the restaurant for the entire duration of your wedding. Having a wedding theme may also be difficult depending on the restaurant, as some may not allow you to cover the pre-existing decorations.

Pro-tip: A restaurant would be perfect for couples who are stressing over the vast contrast between your family and friend group. You can book out the restaurant for the whole day, have a more traditional lunch service for family and a "dinner party" at night for friends.

5) Beach / Beach clubs

For those that prefer a more casual day and love the sun, why not have your wedding at the beach and/or beach club.

Beach weddings may not be extremely popular in Singapore due to the weather but it is still a contender if you want an aesthetically pleasing wedding with a big area. However, similar to the outdoor/garden venues, there are permits required to host a beach wedding as a certain area of the beach would need to be closed off to the public, the beach officials will need a significant amount of time to prepare for that. There may also be other restrictions such as enforcing a cut-off time for noise control, and most beach clubs in Singapore only allow for private events to be held during the weekdays.

Similar to any outdoor venues in Singapore, remember to check for a wet weather plan. If you are planning to have the wedding at the beach itself, remember that there will probably be a lot of logistical planning and coordination involved. However, imagine how romantic it would be to have your wedding overseeing the sunset, those are memories that last forever.

Find a wedding venue that makes you and your partner comfortable

Most importantly, you and your partner have to be comfortable with your wedding venue choice, financially and physically! Not everyone prefers the outdoors, while some prefer not to be restricted by all-inclusive wedding packages. Finalising a wedding venue can be overwhelming, thinking about the logistics and pros and cons of everything. Hiring a wedding planner might be a good choice if you and your partner want an stress-free wedding journey.

Here at Luna bianca, we are committed to ensuring you have a stress-free wedding planning journey, from choosing a wedding venue to the moment you both walk out hand-in-hand, towards your happily ever after.

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