Hello Luna couples!

We have come together with a group of creative geniuses, to bring you an exquisite experience for you for your wedding. Feel free to browse thru their exciting ideas and let us know if any excites you!

Antelope Studios

Instagram: antelopestudios

Website: antelopestudios.com

AntelopeStudios believes all great love stories have one thing in common, you have to go against all odds to get there. Join them in the pursuit of true love pictures.


Douglas Fun Photography

Instagram: fundouglas

Website: douglasfun.com

Douglas believe that Wedding Photography is not about capturing a perfect shot, but capturing those priceless moments of emotion which tell a great story.


The Curious Light Photography

Instagram: thecuriouslight

Website: thecuriouslight.sg

Photography has always been something of a magic wand for Ian since young. So when he combined his hobby and the interest of meeting new people, this naturally came about.


The Perfect Statement

Instagram: theperfectstatement

Website: theperfectstatement.com

Fuelled by a passion for greater things, Clara seek to make the journey as memorable as the end product. We distinguish ourselves by making each shoot a unique experience for both you and the photographer.