3 Amazing Singapore Greenery Pre Wedding Location

Singapore is a city nestled amid lush greenery found along our roadside and parks. Adding to the verdant landscape are the many parks, park connectors, nature reserves, heritage roads and heritage trees found across Singapore which provide for a unique experience of the island's natural beauty.

These greenery spots are usually hot favourite among pre wedding couples.

We shortlist some of our favorites with some pros and cons for your reference.

All photos in this articles are from Luna Bianca Photography.

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Where & how?

Tuas Bay Street.

Park along the road side.

Bring walk shoes and high socks if possible.

Free entrance.

Why is it perfect?

Resembles overseas pre wedding photography look.

No crowd.

Perfect for sunset.

Not so much mosquitos. No sandflies.


Dogs! Last sighted with 7-8 wild dogs.

Do not run if they approaches. Quietly and slowly pace out of the area.

Far in the west.

Kent Ridge Park

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Where & how?

Kent Ridge Park.

Parking lots available.

Free entrance.

Why is it perfect?

Centrally located.

Nice pine trees.

Nice ferns.

Well shaded during a hot day and sunny day.


Mosquitos. Bring insect repellant. Lots of it.

Old Holland Road

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Where & how?

Old Holland Road.

Park at the roadside.

Free entrance.

Why is it perfect?

Tall structured tress resembling a minimalist feel.

Perfect for sunset.

Located centrally.


Mosquitos. Bring insect repellant.