How do couples prepare for their photoshoot?

Here are some tips to help couples manage their preparation better.

With this article, the following guide are and analyzed statistically by our couples. We want to share that 90% of our couple whom read this Love Notes worked out! Woo hoo!

Get ready and be prepared for the upcoming photoshoot event day with the productive information given in the following.

What to take note and be prepared

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Good rest

Have a good rest before photo shooting day, your body needs to be completely energised and awake so you don't look tired. Otherwise, your photos will even turn out like you are falling asleep! Remember, health comes first!

Hair look

Dye your hair or maintain its condition. Nothing beats a good hair day right? It's every ladies' dream that their photos turn out right with all that effort made before hand on their hair. So take good care of your hair is also a very important task! 


Trim and shave facial / body hair is a need for all man. Looking like a hairy bear is what you fear most, but hell no to cloning a bear?! There is a big difference when a man is ungroomed and properly groomed and looking smart. Guys, you do secretly want to look good for your ladies right? That's an advice from us! 

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Stay Radiant

Masking your face a week or two before the PS to keep your skin at the optimal condition, so your skin will be ready to be up on camera and duhh! It definitely makes your face healthy and fair! 


Manicure and pedicure is preferably to be done 2 to 3 days before your photoshoot, it makes your photos turn out clean and neat. Do go for nude colors as strong colors can be a very distracting factor as it will appear in almost 98% of photos taken! So take note ladies!

Be comfortable

Wear loose/ button shirt or everyday bermudas short for man on PWS day, it allows you to change out from your gown and suit easily without smudging your makeup and hairdo or risk staining them on your shirt!

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Inner Wear

Some gown do require brides to wear Nude bra & safety pants, it will move away focus of the gown transparency factor. Where as, wearing NuBra will enhance the overall bust look, a little cleavage wouldn't hurt right?

Outer Wear

You can forget to wear slippers, but forgetting heels is a no no! Heels helps bride to maintain its posture and it will look twice as good in photos! As for the man, of course, brown leather would be encouraged as it matches almost any kind of fabric, design or color suits! Slippers are friendly when it comes to rainy days, bring them along too!

Good Protection

Avoid the sun rays, bring along sunglasses, sun block lotion and an umbrella for extra health care! Mosquito or Bug repellent will come in good use if you are heading to lalang / open field area! Again, health always come first!

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Props such as "Getting married" sign board, flower bouquet or even your plushies will be great for your shoot too! These props are best friends with most bride when it comes to positioning their arms during the shoot! Besides, they are memories that you will never want to miss out on documenting!


In-between shoots, you will need to RECHARGE your body, so do your phones! Water, snacks and portable charger or fan will come in handy after half-drained PS session.. Trust us, we know you need them most. (;

Always have time for a Good Boomerang!

*Also to take note, most photoshoot session do not advise to take behind the scenes during pre-wedding shoot session. However, wefie is fine! We have shared our experiences and knowledge to you. Tell us what you think!