You’ve probably dreamed about your wedding day since you were a little girl, walking down the aisle, decked out in a beautiful white dress, surrounded by your friends and family. Your Prince Charming, the love of your life smiling at you as the angelic voices of the choir sing songs of your love. 

The sun’s rays land softly on the path before you, with doves flying overhead and flower petals floating down gently all around you. Your heart is probably all aflutter as your dreams come to life in front of your very eyes. 

Except, it doesn’t have to only exist in your dreams. 

Founded in 1990, Luna Bianca delighted over 10,000 brides over the past 3 decades, giving them the fairy dust that transformed their weddings into magical events. 

And now, we want to help you too.

Bringing Joy to Our Beautiful Brides and Grooms 

The team at Luna Bianca were extremely helpful in preparing us for the process of the pre-wedding photoshoot as well as the actual day of our wedding. We’d like to give a special thank you to our makeup artist Luna, and our photographer Albert for dolling us up perfectly and capturing our special moments for all eternity. Highly recommended! 

— Chze Kian & Wan Yi


Florence was like a fairy godmother to us, always helpful with her knowledge and most importantly, friendly. She was never once pushy or overbearing. Her steady guidance for the entire wedding process, from the pre-wedding shoot all the way to our wedding night was amazing and we simply couldn’t have done it without her. Great service from Luna! 

— Joshua & Vanessa

Our special night was the perfect fairy tale wedding, thanks to Luna Bianca. We couldn’t have asked for anything better, from the wedding gown fitting process, to the pre-wedding shots, all the way to the actual wedding day. The entire team were simply a delight to have on our side, they were detail oriented when need be, and thoughtful of us all the time. 

— Richmond & Sharlene

Introducing Luna Bianca

Singapore’s premier full service wedding boutique, founded in 1990, we have over 3 decades of experience of dressing brides up beautifully for their special day. We've partnered with talented gown designers from the top gown boutiques all over Europe, giving you the widest array of gorgeous wedding gowns to walk down the aisle in. And with wedding gowns, pictures are worth more than a thousand words, so we've selected a few beautiful gowns for you to fawn over, so without further ado, here's...

Our Gowns

What Happens Next?

Wedding Consult

Show us your favourite dresses, whether they are from our collection or your curated Pinterest mood board. We have thousands of dresses in many different styles and we update them often, so we’ll have something that catches your eye.

Gown Fitting

Step into the dresses of your dreams! We’ll bring you the dresses that match your vision so you can put them on to see how beautiful you'll look on your wedding day.


In our cosy studio while you look through the pictures taken of you in the various dresses to see which ones you love the most. Strut your stuff in front of the mirror and admire yourself from every angle.


See what accessories match your dress, try out different beautiful bouquet combinations, or mix and match veils to suit your taste. 

You're Done!

We’re sure you’d love your dress, and you can either choose to confirm the dress for your wedding day, pre-wedding shoot, or take a few days to decide. No obligations!

Other Wedding Services


Want some beautiful pre-wedding photos to share with your guests on your wedding day? Or you simply want to immortalise your wedding day and show it to your kids in future? We’ve got you covered with our team of experienced photographers. 

We’ve got a huge list of secret cinematic locations in Singapore to create your perfect wedding album. Simply let us know what you desire.


If you want something more to remember the happiest day of your life, our team of videographers will capture not just the smiles, but also the sound of laughter and the vast array of emotions and feelings for your keepsake. 

You’ll also get a Same Day Edit (SDE) highlight reel to play at your wedding to share the joyous occasion with them.

Makeup Artist

What’s a Princess without her fairy godmother’s helpers to do? In this case, our makeup artists will bring out your natural beauty, accentuate your beautiful attributes and make you shine brighter than the sun! 

We’re able to handle not just the makeup for your pre-wedding shoot, but the makeup for your actual day too, setting up a mobile beauty clinic to doll you up before you show off your beauty to the world.

More Love from Our Brides and Grooms

- Charlie & Audrey

We had an extremely delightful experience with Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique. Excellent service all throughout the process and fair and transparent prices while catering to every single one of our (many) requests.

We’d like to especially thank Florence, Meishi, Selin, Albert and Joe. All your effort to create our successful wedding is highly appreciated, it couldn’t have been done without you guys.

- Jihua & Debbie

Luna Bianca had absolutely GORGEOUS gowns that I fell in love with almost instantly. Their accessories were high-quality, and more importantly than that, their team of photographers, make-up artists and wedding coordinators who brought our dream wedding to life.

A huge shout out to Chalsey who patiently helped with my many gown fittings and put in so much effort with our wedding decorations and flowers. I also love MUA Kailing for her amazing makeup skills, she covered up my flaws and dolled me up in a

— Don & Shalyn

My wife and I highly recommend Luna Bianca to any bride and grooms looking for a top-tier bridal studio. Our experience with them was fantastic and one we’ll always remember!
Florence and Mei Shi were meticulous and patient with us when we were choosing our favourite gown and matching suit, their feedback and suggestions made the process so much easier. And they were always honest with us.
From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to say a big thank you to the Luna team, you’ve treated my wife and I with n

Are you...

  • A bride-to-be with your mind set on your perfect wedding gown to walk down the aisle into the arms of your Prince Charming. 

  • A bride-to-be looking for elegant European wedding gowns and suits for your wedding, along with memorable photographs and videos of the most important night of your life. 

  • A bride-to-be who’s a little lost and are looking for guidance from a fairy godmother who has done this for over 30 years.

You’ve come to the right place. 

Are you...

  • A bride-to-be with your mind set on your perfect wedding gown to walk down the aisle into the arms of your Prince Charming. 

  • A bride-to-be looking for elegant European wedding gowns and suits for your wedding, along with memorable photographs and videos of the most important night of your life. 

  • A bride-to-be who’s a little lost and are looking for guidance from a fairy godmother who has done this for over 30 years.

You’ve come to the right place. 

About Us

Founded in 1990, Luna Bianca started as a bridal boutique winning numerous awards with our bespoke gowns. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products which has led to getting nominations for various awards (“The Prestigious Award for Outstanding Brands”, etc).

We’ve also partnered with talented gown designers in Europe, giving you, our lovely brides a wider array of wedding gowns to choose from. Handpicked by our principal designer, Ms. Helen Wang, we’re sure to have something that suits your discerning taste. 

As the first wedding gown boutique in Singapore to bring in the popular plunging neckline gown in Singapore, you can be sure that you’ll look your absolute best on the most important day of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are your appointments and how many gowns will I be able to try? Can I try on the veils and accessories too?

Our exclusive appointment slots are 1.5 hours long, and you’ll be able to try up to 8 different gowns, along with the veils and accessories.

Do you provide a payment plan or can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept credit cards (plan and swipe the one that will give you the best miles for your honeymoon!). You do not need to pay for the full amount of the gown rental and services upfront, we understand that you’ll have other financial obligations like furnishing your new home, as well as payment for your wedding banquet and a million other things. We only require a 50% deposit so that we can secure your gown for your wedding date.

What happens if I change my mind after making the deposit for the dress?

We get it, sometimes you might fall in love with more than one wedding dress. Or maybe you’re gifted a wedding dress as an heirloom.

Your happiness is paramount to us, and the deposit is to secure the dress for your wedding day. If you change your mind, we have our satisfaction guarantee that will allow you to walk away financially unscathed (minus the price of any services already consumed, eg: pre-wedding shoot / dress rental, etc).

Of course, if you change your mind, we’ll release the dress and it might get booked by another bride.

Are alterations included in the package? What if my weight changes, how much will last-minute tweaks cost?

Of course, your wedding dress will be tailored to fit your unique body. You’re going to be the Star on your wedding day and we want you to wow your family and friends.

Sometimes, our bodies can fluctuate. We’re ready for that situation, and with our in-house tailor and seamstresses, we’re able to work our magic, even as close to a week out from your wedding. Just give us a heads-up as early as you can.

And we don’t tack on any hidden fees for any last minute alterations. So, stay stress-free on your important day!

Do I have to use your photographers, videographers or MUA?

Definitely not! While we’re a one stop shop for all things wedding, you’re under no obligation to utilise all our services. Simply pick and choose what you like. Of course, coordination will be easier with us, but we understand that you may have a particular photographer in mind for a very specific and niche style, or your favourite makeup artist who knows you as well as you know yourself.

We’ll be able to coordinate with any of your vendors for your needs, just introduce us to them and we’ll handle the rest.

How long before my wedding should I confirm my gown?

Preferably as soon as you’ve booked your venue, but we’re able to accommodate you even if you’ve overlooked your gown selection til the last minute due to your hectic schedule. Tailoring your gown will require at least 3-4 days, so even if your wedding is the following week, we’ll still be able to help you.

Of course, while our selection is one of the largest in Singapore, some of our popular dresses can be reserved as far as 18 months ahead of time. So booking your gown at least 2-3 months before your wedding is highly advisable.

What is included in the package and are there any hidden fees on top of the package?

We’re glad you asked this (somewhat awkward but important question), you definitely don’t want to be startled by hidden costs after you’ve set your heart on your wedding dress.

So no, while we do have various packages, we don’t believe in hidden fees (or hard selling). Our packages are transparent and you’ll see exactly what you’re getting before you commit. Our gowns are priced reasonably, and include the gown, alteration, as well as the veil and other accessories, while our bouquets are freshly made for you and thus, charged separately.

We want you to be happy and have the wedding of your dreams, and this means no hidden fees or charges.

Do you provide suit rental and alterations?

Of course! We’re here to make you AND your Prince Charming look beautiful and dapper! With our in-house tailors and seamstresses, we’re able to alter our suit to your man’s body and make him look amazing. Because you deserve to be married to your eye candy.

Do I need to rent the gown from Luna Bianca after the dress consultation?

Absolutely not! We believe that you should be nothing less than 101% happy with your wedding dress. While we carry a huge range of elegant dresses, we know that sometimes, you might just need something different.

So, we charge a small fee of $18 to book our gown consultation slot, where you can come and try on different dresses, guilt-free. Take your time to decide, we don’t believe in hard selling at all, we want you to be entirely satisfied with your choice.

Discover Your Dreams Today

You deserve the wedding of your dreams and we’re here to help you with just that. Secure your exclusive 1.5 hour wedding gown fitting session where you’ll be get to: 

  • Browse our entire collection of wedding gowns 
  • Don up to 6 different wedding gowns and assorted accessories from our entire range
  • Pick our brains and question us about all the worries and concerns you may have about your wedding (including photoshoot themes and locations, what type of wedding favours you can include to wow your guests, as well as all the traditions of the wedding that you may not have thought of) 

What’s more, you’ll also get access to our experienced award winning team of photographers, videographers and makeup artists to make the wedding of your dreams come true. Each wedding gown fitting session takes anywhere from 1 to 2 wonderful hours where you’ll get to be the Princess you’ve always dreamt of being. Our slots are limited (and non-obligatory), so you can try up to 3 dresses (entirely free-of-charge!) or take your time and try on 6 dresses from our entire range at a nominal charge of $38 (U.P. $88) only valid during April 2024.