Luna Love Green


There are many reasons why Luna love green (plants). Love is defined as an intense feeling of deep affection form couple. While wedding is about these two souls partners decided to spend the rest of their lives together. This is commonly term as “sowing the seeds of love”.

What can be more meaningful than growing a plant together with your love one at the start of your love nest? Basic caring of watering the plant constantly remind us that a beautiful marriage is like a plant well taken care, it needs constant caring and appreciation for one another.

Aside from love, from the scientific point of view, there are a number of health benefits of having plants around your home. As we know plants release oxygen that we need, it improve the air quality in the house.

There are many different types of plants that are very easy to care than others. Luna Love Green focuses on house plants that generally don’t need the full sun and minimum maintenance. 

Can your plants really make you happier? Will they really help to purify the air quality? Many supporting finding have looked into the claims and found the truth. There are science-backed and proven benefits of having plants in your home.

In a tight city like Singapore, plants at home make you feel outdoors, the psychological effect of feeling more open spaces. In order words, plants help you feel less boxed in, especially for most of us that stay in an apartment.

Luna love green


Plants also have a sense of peace, after a busy day in the office, it good to be back at home with your love one and enjoy calming nature of the plants.  Just like all the luxuries condominium are designed with gardens full of plants to make you feel relax.

Coming back to the benefit of quality air at home, with more oxygen means your body works more effectively and your brain feels less fatigued and cloudy.  Putting all these together, couple at home will release the right types of hormones, creating a more happy family and also mental health.

Scents from the plant also help greatly, it provide instantly feel of more relaxed and happier. Lovely scents always bring up the good rather than the bad, again this create positive thinking and bring harmony to the family.

Interestingly there are many research finding that plants have certain substance emitted that help to reduce the amount of stress we feel. As we feel less stressed, our immune system improved.  Not only the plant emits, it also remove over 80% of the pollutants in the air.  They pull harmful pollutants that known to cause cancer into the soil, which they will then absorbed these harmful chemical as food.

In short, plant lover find it much easier to fight off viruses, flu, cold, etc. Above benefits have been proven by researchers to have a positive effect on your health, probably you will not feel the physical effect on you, but you will find yourself healthier and fit than others.

Let’s join Luna Love Green, to fill your loving home with plants.