How can you better prepare for your Pre-Wedding Shoot (PWS)?

No doubt, although your PWS will probably only last for about 2 or 3 hours (if you are doing it locally), but we like our couples to still keep in mind that these photos will follow you throughout your wedding day and probably through your entire life together as well. Hence, we want our couples to still be at your tip-top shape & condition when capturing your visual love story.

Here are some tips to help our couples manage your preparation better!

Good Night's Rest

Having a good rest before your photoshoot day is the first and most important step to ensure your photos come out as good as how you feel.

Not only is this to avoid looking exhausted, but think of how bad your eyebags / dark eye circles will look too when not well-rested. Remember, to look & feel healthy, it first comes from within!


I think we can all agree that nothing beats a good hair day right? But of course, having those bad days are inevitable as well, and especially frustrating if those days happen to be on a big occasion!

To avoid that, ensure that you have taken the necessary steps to your hair care & routine the day or night before.

*Subjected to your hairstylist's instructions as well


Self-care is the best type of care! Whether it's putting on a mask, enjoying a bubble bath, trimming or shaving facial / body hair, do whatever you need to feel & look like the best version of yourself!

We all have that one self-care routine that we sometimes indulge in when time permits, so when better to do so than taking one of the most important photos of your life?!

Book Appointments Early

The last thing you want is needing to postpone your PWS date either because you could not secure an appointment in time or showing up with obvious discomfort that compromises your photos' quality.

Whether it's a facial, dental, nails, hair, or any other appointments, do remember to schedule as soon as you can to ensure you can be ready for your PWS in time! Especially if your appointments require some time to heal.

Details Details Details

For the girls, do you want your nails to match your dress? Will your jewellery be gold or silver? For the men, what cufflinks are you going to wear? What colour will your socks be?

How will the two of you compliment each other? Details matter more than you think, especially if these are photos that you will tend look back at.

*Pro-tip: Discuss with each other AND your photographer prior to the shoot about the type of shots that will be taken and what kind of details will go best with them.

Bring Extra Clothes

Wear / Bring an extra set of clothes if you plan to change during the shoot, especially so if you tend to sweat easily!

It will be best if these extra outfits are loose or baggy as it allows you to change into / out of your gown & suit easily without smudging your makeup and hairdo.

Inner Wears

Do remember to bring the necessary inner wears for your gown & suit! Some gowns do require brides to wear a strapless / nude bra and safety pants. Whereas, men might sometimes wear an inner shirt to prevent sweat stains.

Appropriate Footwear

Not only should you keep in mind your outfit & details when deciding the appropriate footwear, but also the location of your PWS!

If your chosen location requires you to walk quite a distance or is dangerous to wear heels, then either wear or bring something comfortable for the more strenuous portions of the shoot. In the event that you are also worried of the unpredictable weather, then slippers are friendly too when it comes to rainy days!

Heat Protection

Speaking of unpredictable weather, it can also be scorching hot. Protect yourself from the heat by bringing whatever necessary such as sunglasses, sunblock lotion, umbrellas, hats, or even portable fans.

Pro-tip: Mosquito or Bug repellent will come in good use if you are heading outdoors / open field areas! 

Props & Extras

Whether it's grand props like a car, finer details such as a simple flower bouquet or balloons, or even bringing your pets, your PWS should be a visual representation of your personalities and love story!

These extras are best friends with most couples when it comes to finding poses and positioning their bodies during the shoot. Besides, they are memories that you will never want to miss out on documenting!

Stay Hydrated

Taking photos for a few hours can actually be more tiring than you might expect, especially if the weather is hot or if you moved around a lot. Do remember to pack / buy water so that you can recharge & refresh in-between shoots.

If you tend to easily run out of energy, do stock up on energy drinks or candy / snacks too!

Always time for a Selfie!

Although sometimes PWS sessions do not advise taking behind the scenes as some photographers are not comfortable with showing their personal methods, nobody can ever say no to a selfie!

Take couple or group shots on your phone, boomerangs of the funny moments, or even some aesthetic shots with a film camera. Just remember to bring a portable charger!