Get all the tips you need to properly document your wedding day with Luna Bianca’s guide featuring

6 top essential moments to capture.

Here it is, your big day has finally arrived! After months and months of preparation, your wedding day will probably flash by in the blink of eye, which is why photos are the best way to remember everything on your big day.

With such a copious amount of details and moments to capture on your big day, it will be difficult to pinpoint exactly, when and where you want the most pictures of. For instance, your stunning wedding dress, the gorgeous venue with your hardworking stylist decking up the place, or even the choice of cocktail / food for your guests.

Think about which are the moments you wanna look back on the most! Luna Bianca asked a few of the wedding industry's leading wedding photographers to share their must-have moments in a wedding.

Getting Ready

The getting ready photos will probably be the most casual part of the day and that makes the best candid and fun visuals, especially if your bridal party will be there with you to hype you up!

Our photographers mentioned that one of the moments that they love to capture the most, is when the bridesmaids are prepping for the Gatecrash games & challenges for the Groom and his Groomsmen to "suffer" through. During then, there are usually all sorts of fun & laughter as the Bridesmaids cohesively aim to "torture" the Groom and his Groomsmen, in order to get to his Bride. There will be moments here that are naturally expressively.

If you'd like, you can also ask your photographer to take note of the finer details such as the intricacy of your dress, your bridesmaids clasping a bracelet on your arm, or even clinking your champagne glasses together! This is a perfect time to capture the bride and her best friends who are there to celebrate this important day together. Looking back at the genuine & authentic emotions here will probably be one of the most heart-warming memories.

"Find the perfect dress shot. The day has finally arrived and she gets to wear her wedding dress that she spent months dreaming about. It can be a very powerful moment for the bride to look back on"

-Desmond Sean Teo


It is a Chinese wedding tradition in Singapore where the bride’s parents will drape a veil on their daughter's head.

This is usually a very emotional moment for the bride and her family - Knowing that it’s time for their beloved daughter to get married and they are about to send her off to a new life together with her new husband.

This is where the emotional photograph will be taken of, when the parents will veil their daughter and give her a hug.

Wedding day photography


In Chinese tradition, a Gatecrash is usually done before the Groom can officially "Fetch his Bride". The bride will usually be inside her house, waiting for her Groom to pass the games & challenges set by her Bridesmaids. This is commonly done as a test for the Groom to "prove" himself worthy of his Bride. The Groomsmen will typically be part of the challenges too as to help their "brother" get to his Bride.

Amidst these chaotic games and challenges, photographers will document the moments, the fun and excitement shown by everyone present on site.

A bridesmaid has once said “you can come and go from here easily at any time but not today”.

Fetch The Bride

Yes, this is first look where the Groom will officially get to see his Bride for the first time that day. A very surreal & emotional moment for the couple, where they finally meet each other. The Groom will proceed to unveil the Bride and share their first kiss, and thereafter help her to put on her wedding shoes and/or wear her jewellery.

It is magical to document the reaction from the Groom and the Bride. Although a fairly simple and short process, it is still a beautiful moment for the couple to relive again when they look back at the photos in future.

And now, you may kiss the Bride

Couples who are holding your solemnization on the same day as your banquet, this is probably one of the most important moments of the day!

Once the Bride and Groom say their vows, exchange rings, and when your solemnizer finally announces, "I now pronounce you men and wife, you may now kiss the Bride" - Your photographer has probably been waiting for this moment since the day started!

Even though the commitment, the excitement, the raw & genuine emotions during this moment can't truly be fully encapsulated in photos, our photographers will of course still try their best in order for you to look back and reminisce.

Pro-tip: If necessary, do let your solemnizer know beforehand to step out of the way when you both are about to share this magical moment.


Time for that grand entrance that you have been waiting for!

There are typically three types of March-Ins; where the Bridal Party + Flower Boys/Girls walks in first, or just the Bride walks in with either the Groom or her father. The latter requires the Groom to stand at the front of the aisle, waiting his Bride's father to hand her over to him.

No matter who walks the Bride down the aisle, it is ultimately still a heartwarming and exciting moment where your family, friends and guests are cheering for you. This moment is also another one that everyone probably would have been waiting for, including your photographer!

In the event of a 2nd March-In, some couples may also opt to dance down the aisle and/or perform certain gestures such as twirling or sharing a kiss. If you intend to implement these performances, do ensure to let your photographer know so that they can expect it and plan how to take the best shots of these moments. Some photographers may also ask you to pause for a second mid-walk to ensure at least one good photo!

Pro-tip: If possible, arrange for a rehearsal at your venue with everyone involved for your March-In (i.e., Couple, Parents, Bridal Party, Flower Boys/Girls, Emcee, AV person, Live Band, Photographer, Videographer)


In short, these are just some of the moments that industry experts have mentioned to be their most important and essential. However, do remember that every individual is different in terms of personality and preferences. Hence, do discuss with each other and ensure you both are aligned with which moments are the most important to capture and document.

Here at Luna Bianca, we take wedding photography very seriously and professionally. After months of preparation and important decision making, we believe that it's only right that you have photographs to act as memories when you look back in years to come!